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Client Testimonials

“I had a very old (15 years) case that was unresolved. I called George and he was not only professional he promised much less and delivered much more. He not only resolved my case he got my case dismissed! I could not be more pleased with George and George’s team’s performance. Hire George with confidence he was excellent!”– Mark N.

“George exceeded my expectations. Not only was the cost fair but he was extremely thorough and always went the extra mile. If anyone has the need for a lawyer I strongly recommend George.”– Michael

“George was an exceptional communicator throughout the entire process. He responded to emails the same day, took my calls in a timely manner, and answered all my questions. We received a favorable outcome because of his hard work. The pricing was fair and he even saved me $60 on cab ride. Highly recommended.”– Ryan

“I highly recommend Mr. George Mcgregor from Burgos & associates. He did an exceptional work . He was extremely professional . I don’t have enough words to thank him for what he did for us . He got our case dismissed . Thank you , thank you . Than you Mr. George McGregor”– Ingrith

“I’m a typical middle class citizen, 50 years old. I’ve worked with a few lawyers throughout my life . Always disappointing. George McGregor and his team were amazing . They didn’t cost me “an arm and a leg” yet had more expertise than lawyers that did cost those prices. Beautiful energy. Got the job done quickly . For once I felt like I was important to my lawyer.”– Chelo

“The experience and professionalism speaks for itself. Mr. McGregor is trustworthy, non judgemental and a straightforward attorney. He was also very patient with me during what I thought was a really difficult situation until Mr. McGregor laid out a step by step plan of action. My case was handled in a timely manner and his staff are the best in New Orleans. I am very happy with the outcome and definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the best criminal defense attorney in the city.”– Kitsune N.

“Last year I was visiting NOLA for my Birthday, I was so excited because I had never been before and spent a full week there and stayed in three different hotels on my visit, the third hotel in which I reside resulted in an unpleasant stay and an assault case. It was horrible. After checking out of the hotel I was on to San Antonio for my next destination, it wasn’t until I got to my hotel there when I realzied I didnt have my other phone so I notifide the hotel that on my way going back to Orlando I will drive thru and pick up my phone, upon on returning three days later I went to the front desk told the associate my name, room number and the type and color of the phone, the asscoiate picked my phone up and begun to hand it over to me then asked me for my ID, my ID was in the car and I did have my passport on me but I didn’t provide it to him because they already knew the phone belonged to me and just to honest I didnt want to give ID because I had already provided him with pertaninet information, the associate decided that he was going to smirk at me then grab for my phone so I rushed behind the counter to get it off the counter and he proceeded to stick it in his pocket so to make a long story short we got into a tassel over my property , there was no physcial attacking of any sorts as the witnness and the hotel staff had mentioned. The only reason why I wasn’t arrested was because the police couldn’t find any evidence that an attack had occurred so they wrote me a summons to fight it in court. This resulted in me needing to find a lawyer in the area to take on my case so I quickly did a search and came across Mr. McGregor and saw his reviews and contacted him in hopes that he could take on my case and get it thrown out, from our very first call I explained to him what had happened “he didn’t rush to judgment, listened attentively, gave me a soulful response and some level of encouragement .” So I felt relieved that he took on my case for some reason. I felt like I was lead to him, not because of his profession but through the conversation we had early on, over the phone. He was fair. He was kind. He was accommodating throughout my case. Not only am I happy about the outcome of my case I’m very appreciative that he allowed me to make one medium size down payment, and the rest of my legal fees were paid in small installments which was much larger than the amounts in his contract. So thank you, Mr. McGregor, hopefully, one day when I return to NOLA I can meet you in person. And thank you again for reassuring and helping me put this all behind me, you are indeed a man of your word.”– R L.

“George is a professional and competent attorney based on my experiences working with him. He works hard as an advocate representing his client’s best interests.”– Luke

“Mr. McGregor is hard working, skilled, and extremely knowledgeable. There’s no one else I would have represent me or my family.”– James R.

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